Trifecta - Nutrition Fitness Mindset



I work out all the time!  

I eat balanced, healthy meals!  

I meditate!

Is this you?

Do you feel like you could go to the gym for an hour every day, work your ass off, and still not see the results you’re looking for? Maybe you only eat super healthy, organic foods, maintain a balanced diet, hit your macros, and still haven’t gotten that dream body? Or you meditate and practice positivity and gratitude daily, and still feel tired and gross? 

So how can you turn all your efforts into the results you want? You need to make sure you’re incorporating the full trifecta: nutrition, fitness, and mindset

You cannot excel in any of these categories without the other two. THIS is how you get the results you are looking for. 


You always hear people say “Diet is 80% of it” when you talk about getting fit and healthy. It’s true—diet is a huge part of it! Diet can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. But even this “statistic” isn’t covering 20% of what makes up the rest! Don’t tell me you only want 80% of that dream body.


On the other hand: salads and lean meats only get you so far. Healthy diets do not build a toned body!  Pairing the two, knowing what to eat to fuel your body and when and how much to eat based on your fitness plan is key. Knowing when to rest, when to go heavy, when to focus on cardio, and how to incorporate meals around that to fuel and refeed your body is going to get you much further than just hitting the gym for an hour a day without a plan.


How do you keep yourself sane throughout all this? How do you get past day one, and then past week one, and then through your friend’s birthday party or bestie’s bachelorette weekend or—we all know it’s coming—the HOLIDAYS. Family, friends, work, and everything in between will be influencing you from every direction. THIS is where mindset comes in. THIS is huge. This is a deal-breaker. The right mindset changes lives, my friends.

Bottom line? You are not going to get that dream body and feel amazing without fueling your body with the right nutrients and energy; you will not develop the muscle definition and toned physique without exercising those muscles on a regular basis; and you will find it very difficult to keep this up without proper mindset!

When you have the full trifecta—nutrition, fitness, mindset—working synergistically with each component balancing and supporting the others? THAT is where you see results. 

Oh and no big deal, but this is also how you KEEP seeing results for the rest of your life!